Lowell United Methodist Church
Thursday, July 18, 2024
Love God and Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Field of Dreams

We welcome all to use our Field of Dreams however permission must be obtained to use the field.
This is to avoid scheduling and use conflicts.We allow team practices and pick up games. We will
allow the field to be used for fundraisers provided the fund raisers for a good cause such as raising
money for medical costs, etc.for an individual. Fundraisers to raise money for things like team
uniforms are not allowed.
We expect those that use the field to follow the posted rules.
This includes no use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.
Individuals requesting permission should make sure that litter is properly placed or removed.
Respecting our field and following our rules will ensure permission will be granted for future requests.
Permission may be refused if there is a conflict in scheduling or if those requesting permission
have abused the privilege of using the field in the past.
To obtain permission, fill out and submit the form below.Once submitted someone will respond by
calling the number entered on the form.
Use the tab key to tab to fill out the fields.
Contact Name:
Contact Phone Number:
League Name:  Team Name:
Team Manger Name:  Coach's Name:
Date Requested:
Time Requested: Start  
                            End Time:
Are you using this as a fundraiser event:
Type of Fundraiser Event: